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I wasn't able to trim my 2 conifer bushes in September. Can I do it now or do I need to wait till next year.

They are ball shaped and quite large so do need cutting back but will they be damaged by frost if I do them now? I don't know how long they need to recover from trimming before cold can do damage.


  • Thanks Verdun I had a feeling that would be the answer. I'm in SW Scotland.

    I'm not sure what species they are but they grow into dense rounded shrubs from ground level, I'm sure that doesn't help much though to identify them. I've tried many times to find out but so far no luck.


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,049

    post a photo. Click on the little tree icon and follow the instructions.

  • I'll post a photo later today, thanks

  • I've tried to upload a photo several times but keep getting a runtime exception error message so I'll have to leave it there, thanks for the help though.

  • image

     The shrub is roughly 6 - 7 ft tall.

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