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Talkback: Sowing seed outdoors

I need a bit help please with my borders i am new to planting i have got a range of seeds from.

Antirrhinum,foxglove,aster perennial, cornflower, geum,dahlia,calendula,swan river daisy, marigold, nigella[miss jekyll},mixed annuals,delphinium,marjoram.

i have two side borders 30'long with soil that looks like a bit clay i have turned it over but dryed out into big lumps some of it,can i put some top soil on it? or just bedding soil on?

and can i put any of these seeds straight into the ground or do i pot them 1st

thank you for any help


  • Most of those need controlled sowing-so into trays etc- and at different times of the year and some you will need to wait until next spring for flowering in 12 months

    I would spend this period getting the soil into good shape and follow the instructions on the back of the packets for sowing dates

    Basically this season has passed you by for flowering plants raised from seed-get ready for 2014

    But you can sow into pots/trays now some perennials for planting out in the autumn or spring-but only hardy ones- not frost tender onesimage

  • image thank you 

    how do i get my soil into shape, it looks like big clumps of hard dryed out clay soil, i have turned it over and got most of the weeds out, or can i put topsoil on the top

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