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Small Teracotta Pots

Hi I've found a wire basket thingy that hols 8 small teracotta pots and can't decide what to put in it. I'd normally think it was too much fuss but then thought sempervirums or primula. 

Anyone got any more interesting or unusual ideas? Thanks


  • Hi Pugslovesun - what about aeoniums or maybe herbs for kitchen windowsill over winter?

  • Hi Lily, I've got cacti and aloe but I fancy trying to grow some aeoniums. I grow herbs outside but have always been a bit useless indoors over winter. Hmm, will ponder some more. Thanks

  • Just googled the second one which I thought might be a spoof plant and yippee a friends got loads of this and it has such pretty flowers, I'm sure she won't mind a swop for thing of mine.



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