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Passion flower not flowering - any suggestions?

I have a Passiflora Caerula on a west-facing wall near my front door. It is lovely and green and healthy but hasn't flowered. It has been mulched, watered and had feeds of Tomorite and also the liquor from the wormery. Growing nearby are cyclamen, gallium odoratum, hardy fuchsia, astrantia and Japanese anemones, none of which have any problem flowering. A previous passion flower in this position flowered well, but that was a few years ago and it came to the end of its natural life. My last attempt with a new plant was planted too late in the season and was too immature to make it through the winter.

Any ideas of why this should be, and what I could do?

Also in the same border but further along near the garden gate is a clematis intricata "Vince Denny" which also hasn't flowered, ever, although it has been in place for three years. This year is the best it has looked and it's put on good growth. Am I just unlucky, or too impatient?


  • It's been there over two years now, but less than three. I chose feed that should have encouraged flowers rather than foliage - but maybe I am wrong about that! Thanks anyway.

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