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can carrots be transplanted


can carrots be transplanted and how


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Derbyshire but with a Nottinghamshire postcode. Posts: 16,460

    No. Sow them thinly and when you thin them  to final spacing you can use thinnings for salad. Yum.

  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619

    They can be sown in lengths of guttering, which can then be slid into a matching hollow in the soil, then proceed as above.

  • A variation on figrat's suggestion - I sow some of mine in 2" peat pots. As soon as they show through the soil I put them in the ground with the pots almost touching. This eliminates any very early thinning out. I then pull every second carrot when big enough to use and leave the rest in the ground to grow on. It seems to work for me.

  • GillyLGillyL Posts: 1,077

    The problem with thinning is that it can encourage carrot fly(Monty covered this in last weeks episode of GW)so I plant as thinly as possible to avoid this,no to transplanting.

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    I sow carrots in situ, in a 50/50 mix of sharp sand and garden soil. The carrots grow in large containers, which are approx a metre height off the ground.

  • thanks for replies everyone most helpful

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