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Gooseberry help!


I have 3 gooseberrys each in a large pot and on 1 of them the leaves have gone a red/purple colour


 Is this normal? I don't remember it doing this last year? Do I need to give it something? Please help..

Thank you


  • Only advice i've been given about gooseberries is that they are very hungry plants. Have you fed the pots well. Even in the ground i give my gooseberry plants lots of potash, and seaweed feed, then at this time when they have fruit on i give them tomato feed. 

  • Hi to you both.

    Leaves seem fine othr than being red. not dropping or disappearing. Only had one sawfly larvae so far. There is no fruit on this bush it's only a few years old and I dont think there were enough bees when it was flowering. My green gooseberry bush has plenty on!

    I haven't fed them I have the larger 2 bushes are fine, where this is the smallest. I have never fed my gooseberries before, but this its the first time i've put them in pots. The weather has been boiling one minute then freezing wind and rain the next, maybe that is it?

    Do you think I should feed it?


  • VI22VI22 Posts: 1

    Please help , All leaves are falling off my goosberry bushes & they had lots of fruit on them its a shame

  • jspjsp Posts: 59

    Is it possible that the gooseberry with the red leaves is in very hot sun compared to the other two? Plants make this kind of pigment as a sort of suntan lotion sometimes. Possibly a bit of shade would help. 

  • One of the plants is definitely growing nice new green leaves now. So I think it may have just been the heat. I am noticing less sawfly on the red leaved bush.. weird. Must not taste as nice.

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