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Cat problem.....

  I don't want this to turn into a 'cat knocking thread' (we don't want to offend the cat people) but does anyone have ideas on keeping cats out of my garden?    I've completely barricaded my garden in, On the left we have a small hole in the fence which has been blocked up with sticks and I've put chicken wire across it, at the top there is another hole and I've done the same thing, on the right there is a very large gap in the fence which I can't get access to as there is a tree/bush in the way but on the top and bottom ive specifically put two leaf piles there to force the cats to come one specific way and I've piled it up with branches and lots of chicken wire, the gate is now blocked off with chicken wire as is the section of chicken wire fencing that cats have damaged on the far right I have a log/stick,branch pile, it's held neatly together by 'sleepers' (they were used in the construction of a horse stable but the stable fell over so the owner let me have them) that has chicken wire too.    After all of this my garden looks like a complete tip and cats are still getting in and leaving me with their filth, any ideas on keeping them out?   


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