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Can I have people's best advice at how to reuse/reenergise compost from the tubs and pots I used for my spring bulbs??? I know I could just put it in a compost bin and restart the process but I haven't got one!!! (I'm not good enough a gardener yet!!).


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    Use it as a soil improver in your beds when planting new stuff and/or as a mulch round shrubs and roses.

    Don't try and use it for replanting things in tubs as its nutrient value will be negligible.

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  • There is in fact very little food in modern compost... which means that you can re-use it if you add a bit of food yourself, such as blood, fish and bone or liquid feed, such as tomorite. Just treat it as unused compost and start again. After all it is only a medium for holding nutrients and moisture, ( i.e. water)image

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    I use old compost from tubs/pots to earth up the potatoes i grow in bags - i add a bit of fertiliser and have always had a good result!

  • I think im in the right forum for this. Ive just got my self an allotment, and im clearing it out and in the coming weeks im going to start a compost heap for next year. I need peopel's advice.   Which is better a plastic compost bin or a wooden/homemade/heap?


     Thank You


  • Compost isn't something that just makes itself. It's worth looking up on Google but I use about 1/3rd green material to 2/3rds brown material (differences will be explained in Googled items. Then a proprietry brand of compost maker such as Garotta added to the mix + some water and turn the mix regularly to get air into it to assist in the breakdown of the material.

    Plastic or Wood?

    Personally I use 2 plastic containers because I just do not have the room to make a wooden enclosure. One is a semi-cone shaped bin that was supplied by the local council many years ago (I hesitate to say free because it all comes out of the 'rates' as they used to be called so we pay for them eventually anyway!). The other is a 200 litre Compost Tumbler I bought via the internet from a company that recycles food industry used barrels. Both do an excellent job (IF) you remember to tumble and/or turn the material regularly. Just letting it sit in a barrel static for a year will just produce a soggy mess!

  • John, can't you just pee on the heap instead of buying activator?  Or use comfrey tea?

  • Thanks John

  • HHi layer my compost heap with green waste and then a layer of newspaper I find this speeds up the change and you get finer finished product.

  • Its best not to re-use old compost in pots or containers as is could have disease or mould spores in it.  It's probably best to add to your existing beds.  I use it in the summer to fill in the cracks in the lawn!

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