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Poppy Has Changed Colour??


I'm new gardener and apart from a few oddities i'm doing quite well (i've even moved on to seeds!!).

Question is about my poppy.  I bought it last year it was pink with a blick inner to petal and inside the black was a gorgeous electic blue stripe.  I remember this well as i was so taken with the blue.  Any way this year its doing amazing with 9 buds in all. To my surprise however the poppies are a complete different shade and are now coral with a black inner.  Would anyone have any idea why?

I have taken last years seeds and i am growing some more.  I will be curious to see what colours the seeds turn out!

Also the poppy has gone massive. Once its finished flowering when would be the best time to split it and how?

Thanks in advance image

I only hope my blue poppy goes as mad next year!!!

S-J x


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 26,974

    They do seem to vary a bit from year to year. Don't know if it's weather or conditions or what. propagate by root cuttings


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  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 13,248

    Oriental poppies are not good to divide as they have a large tap root. yoy are better propagating from seed or, from root cuttings taken in winter.

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  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    Root cuttings take well with Oriental poppies, otherwise just leave it to multiply itself.

    Sharing in your intrigue, I bought a single Mrs Perry a few years back that has lovely salmon-pink flowers with dark purple centres but over the years it has not only clumped up massively but travelled across my border, varying in colour from taller baby pink with plum centres that flowers a good few weeks later than the original to  shorter scarlet ones with true black centres. I don't know how these varieties came into existence but last autumn I moved some of them, re-claiming my border and now have two separate clumps of the same colour...or at least that is the plan image


  • Thanks everyone image

    Wintersong, I think I am going to have to follow your lead as i won't have much room left if this poppy multplies in size to the same rate it has done this year image

    root cuttings it will be then image

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