Iris sibirica Tropic Night - Hasn't flowered


I hope someone can help image

I bought a Iris sibirica Tropic Night last year from a good garden centre and it flowered well.  This year it hasn't flowered at all.  Its growing well, but it a small plant still.  It was planted in partial shade.  I have now moved the plant to a full sun position last week) and it seems to be happy enought there.

Will this be enough to help it flower next year?  I live in essex with a clay soil it was planted both times with a bought compost.  I give it the occasional feed (tomato) but I haven't been consistent with that.

Any advice would be appreciated as i love the flowers, but haven't seen them for a long time now image




  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 43,752

    My iris sibiricas haven't flowered yet - I've just checked them and there are a couple of buds on one of the clumps, but two other clumps have no buds yet.  I think you've been a little impatient image  Moving them may set them back or even prevent them flowering this year - fingers crossed that they'll flower but I wouldn't have moved them myself.  Mine are in partial shade and perfectly happy.

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    Iris Sibirica likes to be in moist conditions with a reasonable amount of sun. Possibly by moving it you will delay it flowering. I should add that none of my sibiricas have flowered yet.

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  • Thanks for the advice image

    oh well you live and learn ... although no buds at all before i moved it.  If it doesn't flower i'll just have to take the hit, where i've placed it is in better view anyway.  So fingers crossed - if not next year it will be seen when it flowersimage

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