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Talkback: Planting an apple tree

A worthwhile watch.


  • Hi, I've just been given an apple tree, 'James Grieves'. It came in a pot so, last Sunday,I planted it in a raised bed . I made the hole twice the width of the pot and planted it no deeper than the depth of the actual pot. However, since checking on the 'net realised that I should have dug the hole to twice the depth of the original container. Worried that it may suffer I decided to re-plant it yesterday and deepened the original planting hole. Was it OK to replant it so soon?
  • Really helpful to have the vidoe to watch.
  • the apple tree i`m planing is a patio tree s thereany advise yu n giv meas i`ve o idea
  • Hi,

    Can I use woodchip to mulch around the base of newly planted apple and plum trees?
  • I have a James grieves apple tree which has given me a wonderful crop of apples this year now I am wondering how to prune it and keep it giving good crops
  • I thought the current idea was not to feed the tree too much to encourage it's root to spread out, thus stabilising the tree better? Which as mentioned will be supported by stake at 45 degrees.

    Also new tip is to add Mycorrhizal Fungi again to help the roots.
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