Conifers dying back

Hi everyone, if you put down a plastic membrane and cover it with a heavy layer of gravel all over except for a few low creeping conifers dotted here and there you keep out weeds. if you are on a slope and spray around ( avoiding the conifers) with resolvo, when it rains will the rain wash the resolvo all through the ground and start to kill the conifers. Opinions welcome please. Trying to find out why the conifers are starting to die.


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    Hi image

    Did you shield the conifers from the spray?  Sprays give off a fine invisible mist that spreads and drifts in the air - years ago I carefully targetted a few dandelions on the lawn ... and ended up with a dead patch a foot across image

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  • No they didn't, but the nozzle was put close to the ground, about a foot off.
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    So was mine - probably even closer than that image

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  • Probably if it was spray drifting they would have started to die straight away. It's a couple of weeks ago that the resolva was used. There are no webs etc so I don't think it's red spider mite.
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    The active ingredient in Resolva is glyphosate - this takes quite a while for its effect to become apparent - usually up to three weeks - sorry but my money is on weedkiller drift image

    Info here:

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    Resolva starts working very quickly. It's why it's the only one I ever use - when I use it. For dandelions in particular, it's the best, because the others are so slow, you get umpteen at flowering/seeding stage before the weedkiller starts working image

    It could be animal damage too - you usually mention that Verd image

    Dog or cat pee, Valerie.  Foxes even?

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  • They are not my conifers. The next doors who now consider me an expert(which I am not) asked me what I thought the reason for his conifers dying. They are about four foot across large prostrate golden juniper type. Like a Cow pat. They have patches of brown dye back all over two of them. The dark green one looks ok, that's the one next to my garden. I don't know how old they are as they were here when I came ten years ago. It's a shame as they are the only thing growing in his gravel. The cuttings of succulents I gave have not survived by the look of it so that is why I thought of spray. I don't think an animal would get close enough to the centre either. When my poppy died, the thug type poppy. I asked him to be carefully and not spray on a windy day, which he didn't, but as Dove says the spray is fine mist and spreads. P.S. Verdum, I gave in today are dug up my lovely bushy Echinacea and put them in the greenhouse. Coward that I am,
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    Hello, Sorry I am not able to help, as I am in need of advice too. My conifer is about 50'  40 years old. We laid membrane in the garden and around the tree and covered in bark in 2014. Have just noticed  some bark at the ground level has come away, is it a sign of disease, should we have it removed.. ? Hope not .

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