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Hello fellow gardeners,

My young daughter bought a lovely dahlia last year, it has shot up over the last few months- however i recently discovered that the growing tip has been devoured by aphids or greenfly... i removed them and then sprayed it with Roseclear...

could anyone tell me if it will still come and flower later?? or has it had it for this year??

Also, my allium bulbs have been in bud for a few weeks now-do they usually take some weeks to come into flower? or could something be wrong?


  • LeggiLeggi Posts: 489

    Is there a flower stem on the alliums? Mine are late but shouldn't be long to flower now. The Dahlia is probably being eaten by slugs, they love them, it shouldn't stop it from flowering this year as they bush up first then produce flower stems later. You may need to do something about the slugs/snails though. 

  • Juniper81Juniper81 Posts: 9

    hi Leggi, 

    yes the alliums have flower stems, green and plump...so it's just waiting for them? awsome image

    i will look to prevent the slugs/snails...thank you for your advice!

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 2,932

    Your dahlia will recover and flower, make sure you have nipped off the tip though and the plant isn't still infested with aphids.

    Taking off the tip encourages side growth and although your plant may flower later it will have more flowers and be a bushier plant.  

  • Juniper81Juniper81 Posts: 9

    Ok thank you Zoomer44, will do that image

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