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Hiya folks.  just been pinching out shoots on my acer flamingo.  i remember last year some doubted the wisdom of cutting it hard back every year.  some thought it would make it revert or even kill it

not only do I cut it severely every March but I also pinch out the leading shoots maybe 3 times during the summer.  this makes a very bushy and wonderful foliage feature in the garden.  It has already grown to 5' tall and 7' across and will grow at least 3' taller by summer's end

i pinch out the leading shoots on cotinus royal purple and eucalyptus gunnii too for the same reason, viz., it creates a dense mound of foliage.  to those who dont do this, try it


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    Acer Negundo flamingo? i have two in my garden, one was in a pot i brought here when i moved in and has now been put in the ground and the other was already in the ground and about 12 feet tall. They do say you should prune them back or they can get rather large.

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    I lost my acer little princess which in a pot and did really well when i bought it 2years ago. Then just last month i noticed it dying back. Watering did nothing to save it. Took it out of the pot to check for pests but didn't find anything. Very sad. Now my shindojo which is in the ground is also dying but ive not taken it out, hoping it will show sign of recovery. Any advice is appreciated.


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