Pruning Prunus avium Stella Gisela 5

I recently bought a beautiful dwarf cherry tree, Prunus avium Stella, Gisela 5.  It seems happy in its large pot and has several embryo cherries starting to swell.  I know little about these trees, particularly dwarf (Gisela 5) and have tried to understand all the conflicting information given on the internet, including YouTube.   I understand they have a central leader and that the idea is to have branches growing at a good angle and not overlapping each other but growing more in a spiral with about 10 inches in between branches up the trunk.  BUT, nowhere can I find any information about pruning back the tips, or ends, of those branches.  To cut or not to cut?   I want to encourage the growth of fruit each year and am afraid of doing the wrong thing.   Do I leave?   Do I just cut back the tips?  Or do I cut back harder?   I also understand the right time to prune this cherry tree is after harvesting the cherries in late summer, to avoid disease.   

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