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Clearing overgrown garden



  • I'll get on my laptop and show you pics. We got a gardener in to slash it all it was about 5ft and looks so much better now. Although it's all been chucked at the back so need to burn it all during the winter months clean it up more it's so annoying the council don't pick up garden waste anymore!
  • WaysideWayside Posts: 801

    If you've got the space then make a wood pile and composting corner.  You'll find it's easier than trying to get it into a bin.  You don't need to burn unless it's diseased.  Or you really haven't got the space.  You'll get loads of wild life in wood piles etc.

    You can raise a garden to the ground in a day, but it can take years to grow plants to maturity.

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 4,708

    If you've cleared a badly overgrown garden it's probable that you have far more than can effectively go onto a compost heap and much of it will have to be burned or disposed of in some other manner.

    For a large garden it will probably be worth investing in a shredder as this will reduce what looks like a totally unmanageable pile into stuff which can either be used in a compost heap or spread over the borders as a mulch.  You will still probably have a lot which is too big to shred and this is the stuff to burn or take to your local tip.

    Roughly what size is the garden?

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 4,708

    Just because a garden is large doesn't mean there is space to leave mountains of branches etc when the whole area was overgrown.  My own garden was in a state a couple of years ago and I got people in to clear it.  Some of the shrubs were over 10' high.  If I'd left everything to break down to compost naturally,  the garden would still be a mess, just with piles of cut back overgrowth rather than growing overgrowth! image

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