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Monty confused me last night on GW when advising about tulips. I grew all mine in the garden so does the same treatment apply as the pot grown ones he talked about?  This is the first year I've grown a lot of tulips and I chose all Lilly flowered ones that cost £££, and didn't realise they don't do we'll in subsequent years so really dissapointed.


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    I would leave them where they are - they will flower but the flowers won't be as big next year but they'll still look lovely.  Deadhead them and  give them a good dose of general purpose fertiliser now before the foliage dies back, and don't remove the foliage until it's all brown and withered.  Mine have just flowered for the second time and they were lovely - I'm leaving them for a third season and will see how they go.  I'll only dig them up and discard them if they look as if they're getting a virus.

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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    Thank you Dove. That sounds encouraging. I knew to leave the foliage but didn't realise about the application of fertiliser. Does that apply to daffodils as well?

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    Yes, I do it to daffs as well, and water the fertiliser in well if the weather is dry.  Daffodils in particular benefit from a good soaking after they've flowered - and don't forget to deadhead them image

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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    Same. Mine stay in the ground because I love them and because I can't afford to keep replacing them every year image

  • I grow lots of tulips in pots after seeing how good Carol Klein's looked on GW. Just one or two colours in as many pots as you can, gives a great early season hit of colour. What's more it gives me and excuse to go to the Malvern Autumn Show to pick my colours.

    Last year I replanted the tulips out of the pots into the vegetable garden and Monty was right to say that you will get some flower but not as good. I will leave them there and plant my runners on top. I use these for cutting.

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