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Shrubs or trees for privacy

Sara5Sara5 Posts: 21


Our house backs onto a lovely wooded area (large established trees), however, due to gaps in the coverage we are still overlooked by a local car garage. We are looking to plant trees/ shrubs near to the garage fence, to give us extra coverage, which will

1. grow to no more than approx 6 foot- quick growing if poss. 

2. not need any pruning - minimum upkeep 

3. grow in a shady area

4. be evergreen 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance Sara image


  • WaysideWayside Posts: 845

    I've a space at the end of the garden that is quite wild, but also want to add a living boundary.

    The sad thing is that I'll loose that perception of space that is currently there, I like looking into untouched woodland.  The more I touch the space the more I want for a raw untouched space!  Nature is a good gardener.

    Anyway, I have one side that is semi-shaded, and one that has sun.  The shady side I have planted out with some laurel, holly and I plan to plant evergreen viburnums and hazel.   The sunnier side I'm going to plant some beech, field maple and hypericum.  I'll throw in more viburnums, escallonia (sun), euonymus, and a bay.

    I may later regret the laurel when it comes to management.  If I can squeeze them in, I'll add some dogwoods this winter.  Thinking they'll make nice thickets and can be neglected somewhat once taken.

    I would also like to add some spiky plants, berberis darwinii, black thorn, and more holly. 

    If it's shady and you have patience you could put in yew.  An alternative to laurel could be new zealand privet.  People grow these as hedging (not totally frost tolerant).  But I like them as specimens.

    I love shrubs as you can tell, but don't really have the room to let them breath.  A few different ones left to their natural shapes make for a nice display I think.  They are nice rounded, and actually once large would fill an area quite easily.  I saw a wonderful monster escalonia hedge at the weekend.

    I garden on chalk.  But am keen to hear other suggestions.


  • WaysideWayside Posts: 845

    @sara5 What are the large trees?

  • WaysideWayside Posts: 845

    Photinia can be a little leggy, whereas the Choisya will be more dense.  I like seeing through (or rather have a light back drop) Photinia to make the most of the red.  A winter flowering Viburnum might provide some winter interest.

  • Sara5Sara5 Posts: 21

    Hi Wayside, 1Runnybeak1 & Tetley thank you so much for your suggestions.  I have been looking into the Photinia and I think that it could be a winner image 

    I hope you all have a good week. Thanks again image

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