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  • Thanks, Jo, I shall get my assistant to move them on. He can add them to his list, every morning he moves on tree frogs who hide behind the shutters, as does the occasional lizard.

  • We live in South West France, Jo. I liked the frogs at first, but they poo all over the place (which in itself is fascinating when you see the size of the poo versus the size of the frogs) and are known carriers of salmonella. Himself has a child's fishing net and a bright orange bucket, and he takes them down to the ditch. We don't get so many these days behind the shutters. They are very noisy, but it's a great noise. They are harbingers of rain too, and are much more accurate than any weather forecast. The lizards will be going away soon, as although it is lovely and warm still during the day, it is getting cold at night, so they'll retreat for the winter. We can spend a lot of time just watching all the wildlife here, we are very lucky.

  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,105

    I get ladybirds hibernating in the allotment shed. They tend to be the harlequins that have invaded over the past few years and that is the variety that produces orange stain. The British ladybirds tend to congregate in the garden, amongst the shrubs and stems of cow parsley.

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