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Firey colours- coleus?

JosiewoeJosiewoe Posts: 1


I am completely new to gardening as I have just become an owner of a very small (mostly paved) garden. I would like to put in some hardy colour to my garden and most of which would need to be in pots. I would like to add the colour mostly with the foliage rather than bedding plants. 

I would really like a copper coloured coleus, I have found one on pinterest which was called a keystone kopper coleus. I have been to my local garden center who didn't know what I was talking about. Any ideas where I could get such a plant? I fear having found it on pinterest means its only available in the U.S. or something.

Any other ideas on plants I should look out for that have a similar colouring would also be welcomed. The garden gets some sun but has very high fencing all around and is only about 15ft by 10ft in size so it gets alot of shade falling from the fencing.




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