Clematis integrifolia Alionushka - a good sprawler?

I bought this about six weeks ago and it is demanding to be planted NOW!  Has anyone had experience of planting this type of clematis to sprawl over a bed rather than climb up a fence or wall?  It's a non clinging variety and I have lots of bare earth in my new garden, so I thought that using it as ground cover might be  a win win situation.  And as it's a Pruning group 3, I suppose I could always move it early next spring if necessary.  Any thoughts?


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    I haven't tried this one but other sprawling clematis do the ground cover job. x jouiana praecox does it in a big way.

  • Oh goody!  Thanks nutcutlet!

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    My Alionushka died as it finds my winters too cold but Arabella does excellent sprawling.

    I wouldn't recommend moving a clematis once planted.  They need to be set at leat 4" deeper than they were in tehirpot and then put down deep roots.  They can take a season or two t get established and then they really get going.


    The Vendée, France
  • Sorry you lost yours obelixx.  Perhaps mine will not find north yorkshire winters to its liking image we'll just have to wait and see.  Will a Strulch mulch help to keep it cosy through the winter?


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    ...I would caution against planting this clematis as a ground cover sprawler... if you look at the photos available you will see that it's flowers are quite large and hooded and they droop... if you plant this as ground cover I fear all the flowers will be facing downwards on the ground and will look a complete mess...  for ground cover clematis what you really want is one with upfacing flowers, such as 'Huldine'.. a white one... or some of the viticella's for instance...

    I've only grown Alionushka on an obelisk, I think it would also be good behind  a large shrub and allowed to flop over it getting it's support from the shrub... but it needs height, in my opinion..... however... us gardeners must do what we want to do... so see how you get on whichever method you choose... I hope it's a success and you are happy with it and that I'm proved wrong...image

  • I think you have a point there Salino.  Please could you suggest some suitable shrubs for it to clamber over?  Ones that are fairly fast growing?

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    ...I think for this season it's going to be too late unless you already have a big shrub in your garden that can support it, or some other structure.... it would be a shame to let it flop along the ground, I would think... but if there's no other option then you will have to do that for this year...

    I think, to name a suitable shrub for support, I would go with a Spring flowering Ribes sanguineum, as once their lovely flowers are over in March/April it makes a good size very strong open growing green bush for the rest of the year, which could be livened up with a plant like this...   I would have to plant it on it's north side as the clematis will grow towards the sun...and a couple of feet away from the base.. training it towards the shrub....  something like that happycottontail... just to give you an idea... and being a gr. 3 clematis it's cut down in Winter right to the ground level.. virtually.. so won't interfere with the shrub's flowering season...

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    HCT - I planted my Alionushka up a trellis so I could see the lovely nodding flowers.  I don't think even Yorkshire gets as cold as I do in an exposed part of central Belgium. so you should be safe especially if it's deeply planted.

    If you haven't got a support for yours you could make a teepee/wigwam from tall canes or hazel sticks and tie the stems in as it grows.

    The Vendée, France
  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ...oh that's a good idea... I hadn't thought of that...

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