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I just came into some free echinacea plants that a friend bought and no longer wants, they are not big (9cm pots) and we're getting a bit late in the year so I wondered what people's opinions were: should I plant them out asap or keep them as they are, put them somewhere sheltered and transplant them when dormant early next year ?




  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 19,355

    It depends how exposed your garden is.  For my garden, I'd keep them in a cold frame or greenhouse and plant out in spring when the worst frosts are over.   In a sheltered garden that doesn't get heavy frosts or too much winter wet, they're probably OK to be planted out.  

    Either way, they're a slug magnet in my garden so be ready with the wildlife friendly pellets from about St Valentine's Day when they start to emerge form hibernation or hatch from eggs and start munching on your treasures..

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  • Jay TeaJay Tea Posts: 27

    Slugs have been a shock, my previous garden simply didn't get any, the current garden seems to be 90% slug so my first year everything was eaten to death but next year I will be ready.

    I had previously been told that Echis don't suffer from slugs and once my other ones that are already in situ got going it was true they were mostly left alone but that first flush of juicy growth was utterly obliterated.


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 27,902

    If you get a lot of slugs - we do here - it's probably best to follow obelixx's advice, ie grow them on over winter so that you have a more robust plant to put out.

    If the molluscs are on the march early on ( or at any time) be ready to watch over them and take action! image

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  • Jay TeaJay Tea Posts: 27

    I was leaning in that direction the more I thought about it. Strangely in the last few weeks my patch has been inundated with frogs so maybe I'm going to get some help with the molluscs in future image


  • Jay TeaJay Tea Posts: 27

    That's a good idea, thanks

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