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Evenin' all. I'm planning on planting out some peppers this weekend in a mini poly tunnle, is there a particular veg group they should be paired with/kept away from? I have enough space to pair with any really at the allotment, I'll pot them up if that's recommended too.

If you can't tell already I haven't grown them before but as they're in flower I'm guessing they need to be moved out to their final growing position (whatever that might be). Any thoughts are much appreciated. image


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    Leggi, I've planted them beside anything and everything over the years without any problems. They're still in pots at the moment? How big? They can very comfortably stay in 3" pots till they're planted out.

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    They're in 3 inch pots at the moment, they're about six inches tall. I've had them in the very top of a five shelf propagator and pretty much constantly covered for a couple of months. Should they be treated similarly to tomatoes? The perfect man to ask image

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    They're fine in those pots, Leggi, even at 6". They're grown virtually identically to toms. About the only difference is that you don't need to plant them out as deeply as toms. Plant them out with the top of the mix level with the soil you're planting into. If they're peppers as in capsicums, you'll need to stake them.

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    Thanks Italo, think I'll hold on to them for a while yet then. They are capsicum yes, a yellow and a red variety. 

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