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Clematis newbie question

BosunBosun Posts: 12

Hello all. I recently bought a house which has a trellis running all around the front door. I want to grow a climber, something with colourful flowers, that will cover the whole trellis. It's all concrete so it needs to be able to grow in a pot, and something that will tolerate shade (the house is NW facing). I narrowed it down to clematis "Ville de Lyon", which grows to about 3m. It's a group 3, but apparently group 3 clematis need to be hard pruned every year down to about 30cm from the ground. My question is this: if pruned down to 30cm, will it grow 3m every year, ie will it grow from 30cm to 3m each year? If so, this seems kind of amazing. Also, if this is the case, then I guess it will need training to the trellis every year as well?

Alternatively, if I want to grow a clematis around the front door trellis, would I be better off getting a group 2 clematis? (Or a different type of climber altogether?!)

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am completely new to this (first time garden owner!).

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