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Levelling a garden

I want to level my garden but there is a problem. There is a road next to property which is on a slope. The image provided indcates the level of slope. This is the main problem. I want to know how i can level my garden while having a road at a slope next to it. (My house has got tall (6ft) hedges all around.


Positive number means it is high. Negative means its low. 0 means it is leveled. So the idea is to make it 0 all the around.

The next thing i am just curious about, it is not priority but if someone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. You can see that at the enterance i have a sloped driveway. My plan is to replace that with steps and put the driveway where the "x" is marked on the image and put paving in the red box. The problem is that since the garden will be levelled and the road is at a slope, i dont think i will be able to simply drive in.

I am not really looking for any solid answers, i am open to any ideas or suggestions you may have. Thank you in advance.


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    If I got it right, I wouldn´t level the driveway below 1, since coming out of the garage

    may be difficult in rainy/frosty weather; keep it even with the road, and  pave a little

    slope for access to the house.

    Now for the front of the garden: 4 and 3 means the hedges are on high soil level,

    right? If you remove them and dig the soil, first you´ll need a containment wall, then

    shrubs or trees to screen the garden and the house from view and noise.

    Don´t forget drainage pipes along the containment wall (or your garden will be

    drenched with road water) and anywhere else there is a slope.

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