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Fire blight

I don't BELIEVE it!!! three/ four year old Pyracantha has got that   ##**!!??

fire blight again.! .....despite me spraying almost on the hour for the last month hoping to head off any infection.

anyone that knows me, will remember that I posted last year after a serious attack on my Pyracantha.

I cut off almost a third of the infected plants, and made a smaller diameter snout adaption to fit my garden vacuum, so's i could get right behind the bushes and suck up all the diseased-and fallen leaves.

The small hedge has reached approx 7' tall and as I have mentioned I have invested years in training it and tying in etc.

At this rate I am not going to have any leaves left on the bushes much less the chance of some colourful berries. I will be devastated if I have to dig them out and start again.......mutter!....sniff!

I bought these hedges from STRIKES |NURSERY and I have noticed a sign up in the place stating they offer a 5 year guarantee on their plants.

I am wondering if this guarantee is against their stock not taking as apposed to the plants developing a disease, any ideas anyone......Mind finding the reciept might be another thing lol!



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