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figs cutting

Alan4711Alan4711 LincolnshirePosts: 1,657
Hi all just an update for anyone interested if growing figs, took the advise from this site and got 10 cuttings,( not one person new the name of the fig they had)anyway lots of advise on the net loads of complicated ways to nurture them, so as this site said into jam jars rain or old tap water and presto in 10 days tiny white marks 15 days definite roots trying to grow 20 days everyone even the trimmings of the cuttings have small healthy roots and some have new leaf shoots already, I had to gently brush off the algae stuff when changing the water ,(every 8/10 days) and last night my mate for a favor i did him knocked on the door with a fig tree would you believe from Aldi ??4:95 and its a beauty but no name on it just says (a fruiting fig) so no probs and im a happy bunny,good luck all Alan4711
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