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I planted tulips in a large planter, but because I only have a small garden, I need to take them out and replace them. I'd really like to keep them, but can I just let them dry off and replant the bulbs in the autumn? I don't have any space to heel them in.


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    Yes you can, but you will do better to try and keep the leaves on them as long as possible, as much of next years flowers will depend upon what the bulb gathers from the leaves as they dry.  I must admit that tulips are one set of bulbs I do not bother about keeping, as I find they rarely come well again, and tend to treat them, as Monty said, as annuals - except for the specie ones which do come back true.  Maybe you could hang them somewhere while the leaves dry off - maybe a pair of tights hung somewhere dry and cool while the leaves dry off?  Don't be too disappointed if, after all that, they don't grow well next Spring - but they might, so if you want to go that route - good for you, and good luck

  • Why do you have to take them out of the planter? You can plant on top of them and they wont be bothered.


  • snowy43snowy43 Posts: 94

    Thank you both for your replies. Hadn't thought about planting on top of them, Bill, and Bookertoo, some really good advice. 

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    I have 2 big pots planted for winter/spring and each year I leave the tulips in and put a couple of pelagoniums in for the summer, it seems to work.

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    The first of mine had turned brown so I tipped them out of the pot today. They were in a poor state, some completely rotten. I thought they'd gone brown a bit quickly, none of the others have. Perhaps they'll grow on the compost heap. There were some crocus in with them and they were fine.

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