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What to feed a newly planted Laurel Hedge

Hello, I'm new here, so not sure if this is the right place.

 I planted a new laurel hedge using 30cm cell grown plants into lightly forked over soil a week ago and have been watering it every evening with a spray hosepipe. I added a teaspoon of rootgrow at the bottom of each plant hole when i planted. A couple of questions.

1. Should I water every day ? - The planted area is generally shaded until later in afternoon and is usually slightly moist most of the time (even in dry weather) as we are at the lower end of a slope and so water in the ground will run down the slope through the ground.

2. Should I feed the hedge plants with something to give them a boost ? - if so what ? ( I havent used anything like Growmore yet or any manure). Someone suggested pond water !!!  


Many thanks.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,020

    I don't think it needs a daily watering.  You'll just be drowning it and leaching nutrients out of the soil.  Only water once a week now, maybe more often if we get a long hot dry spell.

    Rootgrow only works directly on the roots so putting it in the planting hole will only help if any roots do manage to come in direct contact with the product.  

    I don't think laurel needs feeding to encourage it to grow a sthey are vigorous even in poor soils.   You could try a scattering of pelleted chicken manure along the hedge but I would wait till autumn and then give it a generous mulch of well rotted manure or garden compost which teh worms will work in for you over the winter.

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