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Clearing gravel and roots ready for lawn


  I'm very new to gardening having just recently purchased our first house. One of my first gardening tasks has been to clear the garden ready for turfing. The garden had been gravelled by the previous owner, so I started by clearing all the gravel which revealed plastic sheeting (not a membrane).

I then cut down the tree/bush that was growing in the middle of the garden. The stump/root clump has several trunks growing from it (a few inch in diameter each) I cut each of these trunks down to a couple of inches above the main clump, then drilled into each of them and filled with neat Roundup root and stump killer. I then covered with a rubble sack, tied it tight and dropped a half barrel over the top to stop anything getting to it. How long should I be waiting for it to kill the roots? I plan to dig up the stump, but only after I know the roots that I cut will die off.

I then lifted the plastic sheeting that the gravel had been laid on which has revealed a lot of (what are now) surface roots. For the stump killer to be most effective, should I cover these back up with the plastic to stop them getting sunlight, or does it not matter on the roots?

Also, it looks like there is a root coming through from next doors tree. Any suggestions for what to do with this?


If there is any more info that I've not included, but is needed, I'll see what I can do. I'll also try and get some photo's up in a few days.





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    Photos would help. With all the weed roots I would allow them to grow for a few weeks, then once they have foliage you can treat it with a weedkiller that does not affect the soil, just the plant.

  • image

     This is what it looks like at the moment with the plastic sheeting pulled back. The stump I have used the killer on is under that barrel. Most of the roots shown come from the stump apart from 1 that looks like it comes from next door

  • artjak, I don't really have any weeds. It's the roots from the tree/bush that I cut down that I'm interested in. 



  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    You may have to just dig them up, cut them with secateurs or a saw. If the earth is very compacted you would want to dig it over and feed it.

  • My plan is to dig them up, but I'm worried that it wont be possible to get every single little piece, which in turn Im worried could start growing again. How long would the root and stump killer need to be in the stump to ensure that all the roots coming off it will die after being cut from it?

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    Have you any idea what that tree/bush was?

  • I can get a photo of the leaves if that would help? 

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    There will be someone on this forum who will recognise itimage

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