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Iris leaf spot on all my irises' leaves

Hi everyone, I bought two bearded irises from a plant nursery last week and I want to plant them out in my garden as soon as possible. However, both plants have leaves that have spots on them, some have brown tips, and many are drooping. Thanks to some googling I've identified this as various stages of iris leaf spot. The internet says I should cut back the affected leaves but my problem is that all the leaves are affected. Each iris is quite small, a fist sized rhizome with 7 or 8 leaves around it, so I'm worried if I cut all the leaves off, the plant will suffer (especially with the shock of planting out). It does look like the leaves will eventually die anyway from the infection, so I'm not sure what to do about that. What do you guys think? I do have a fungicide spray but it seems they're preventative more than anything else.


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