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weedkiller in peat-free compost??

I went to my local garden centre yesterday and asked for peat free compost.  I was told that they don't stock it as nothing will grown in it because it is full of weedkiller.  I find this hard to believe as who would sell compost in which nothing will grow?  I had quite a heated discussion with the man who was very condescending and defensive when I said I could not believe that what he said was true.  I would like to go back with some firm facts..... can anyone help me?


Thank you



  • Utter crap to be frank-there are plenty of peat free composts about only results are variable

    Done bother-go elsewhere-the man is an idiotimage

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    You could ask his boss, if this was true ?!?!

  • lindsay2610lindsay2610 Posts: 100

    I use New Horizon Organic peat free compost, which is great stuff, but the weeds still grow.

    Logically this doesn't make sense - chemicals can't distinguish between what you think is a weed or a plant - if it had weedkiller in it, it would kill everything, surely?  As Lazy says, forget that store and go to your local nursery instead!

  • BrummieBenBrummieBen Posts: 460

    lol, thanks for this thread, you really brightened my mood!

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Basically this is nonsense, unless he has been buying some very dodgy compost!!   I have been using peat free for a few years now, it is a bit more difficut to get on with but once you work out it's watering needs, and possibly sieve it for tiny seeds, it is fine. All of my plants grow well in it. I do use JI2 with it for some potted plants, as much for weight as anything else. 

  • It sounds to me he was over stocked with peat based compost that he needs to shift.  I love to know why anyone would want to produce compost then fill it with weed killer, it wouldn't get my investment in the dragons den. image

  • What a plonker!  Can we name and shame the GC?  Personally I'd find out who the CEO was (I'm assuming it's a chain, and employs morons who neither know or care about gardening), and email THEM for advice - naming the location (and name of daft bloke if you can remember).  Then go and see if silly man still there a month down the line.

    WHY would someone go to the trouble of making peat-free compost (environmentally friendly), then stick it full of weedkiller so that NOTHING will grow. 

    Some advice - never argue with an idiot, they'll only drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.  That chap surely qualifies for Idiot of the Month.

  • Caroline6Caroline6 Posts: 15

    Thank you everyone for confirming what I thought!  Could not understand how on earth this could be the case but wanted to get my facts right before I go back and tackle him again....... when faced with someone so adamant and a suposed expert it undermines what one knows to be true!

    Name and shame: it was the Burford Nursery near Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire.... the man there is always pretty grumpy to be fair.  However, this time it was his sidekick who gave the stupid information. But the man himself said not to contradict.  I go to support as it is an independent but am questioning my judgement!  Last time I went to ask advice on clematis he simply said 'we have hundrends' go and read the labels - I left empty handed unsurprisingly!


    I shall go back and ask for the owner and put them straight... wish me luck!


  • Makes you wonder why he works there - normally independants are very helpful.  What a prat, I'd go elsewhere if they are really so offhand about your custom.

  • Caroline6Caroline6 Posts: 15

    Yes, am thinking I will go to the chain next door in future.  They are always really helpful and friendly - ironic isn't it!

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