Which evergreen shrub

I need an evergreen shrub to give interest to a corner of my garden. It will be in front of a hawthorn hedge ,adjacent to a leylandi hedge. Gets sun for a fair amount of day. I don'treally want spring flowering, but otherwise not bothered. I have considered a viburnum and already have choisa but wondering what other options?thanks


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Whatever you plant here is going to have to compete with some pretty greedy plants taking water and nutrients out of the soil.  It might be better to put something you like in a pot or trough than expect it to compete with leylandii and hawthorn?

    It may be possible for rosa rugosa to do here, or pyracantha (prickly which may be a no no for you), maybe some ground cover like periwinkle - the newer ones are better in flower and not so invasive as thier earlier cousins.  Early spring small bulbs may do well, flowering before the canopy thickens.  Spindle shrubs are nice, good autumn colour - possibly wigelia?

  • Hadn't thought of a pot- that may be nice. Do't know spindle will have a look at that, thank you Bookertoo

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