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granmagranma Posts: 1,929

I have sandy , peaty ,well drained soil . I am trying to fill it with shrubs but a selection so that there is always something of intrest.

A large ,wide border already has several rhodedendrons, azaleas, Broom , dogwoods,  budleas, phormium, skimmias, several of the josephs coat shrubs- cant remember exact name.

I still have lots of space I am wanting to fill- the idea is to fill full of shrubs so weeds dont grow through = a low maintanence border.


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Weeds will always grow through to some degree, but indeed the harder we make it for them the better.  Have you considered herbaceous plants as well as shrubs?  These die down in the winter but return happily each spring, it would give a less solid look than shrubs only?  There are very many hundreds from which to choose.  I guess you have acid soul if your azaleas etc are doing  so well.  Why not add a blueberry or two, then you get fruit as well - or the birds will.  I suggest you look in the library for a good RHS book about borders - that will give yousome ideas.,Have a look around your area and see what other gardeners are growing and talk with thm - most garfeners are very happy to share their knowlede - and often their plants, though that is something about which you might want to be careful - we have all been offered rose of sharon or something equally invasive in our early days and then spent the next ten years trying to get rid of it!! 

  • Janet 4Janet 4 Posts: 63

    I love the Berberis shrubs. All colours from Purples to splodged pinks and purples. Has the flowers in the spring and the berries in the autumn for the birds. The light prunings can be scattered on the top of the garden to stop cats using the soil as a toilet. Lots of uses!

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