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Growing by the Moon Calender

biofreakbiofreak Posts: 1,084

I am trying growing my vegetables by the lunar calender which is very popular here in France. Has anyone else given it a go? OR is anyone also doing it this year. perhaps we can compare notes. (Successes and Failures)


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    I've never done it myself, but a colleague of mine, a physiotherapist, swore by it, and it is for sure that she grew wonderful vegetables.  Whether this was becaause of the moon calendar or whether, because she put that extra work and care into them, they grew well anyway I cannot say.  It is known here, but as I said, I have not done it myself.  Would be interested to know what others think about it?

  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 1,084

    One of the poanel on Gardeners Question Time about a month ago mentioned that they were going to give it a go - Trying both methods as a scientific exercise. Got laughed at by the other members of the panel which was sad. Hope she carried on - Sorry no name remembered as I came in in the middle of the programme. Most French Gardeners use this method and so do many of the Organic Market gardeners. Can't fault the results. I must admit - so far to the day things have happened as predicted which is a bit spooky!! HOWEVER today is also leaf day, it is blowing a gale and freezing cold I AM NOT going to do anything until 'root' day starts tomorrow! By the way - in other Forum you asked what time we were on - BST

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,011

    As I understand it, continental Europe is always one hour ahead of the UK.  We are here in Belgium and we don't change clocks when we go to France........

    Quite a lot of people on here will ridicule any idea that lunar gardening works.  Others are happy to live and let live and some will be quietly giving it a go.   i did it myself a few years ago and it was very successful but then I had a French magazine with a pull out lunar calendar.  haven't found one since but i do sometimes check this site when i'm sowing seeds  or taking cittings -

    Last year I had neck surgery so just gardened as and when I could.  This year t's been 2 new feet so nearly all my gardening at the moment is playing catch up on weeding and I have to do that when time and weather and feet permit.   I did use the lunar calendar to sow tomatoes and some seeds from dried Kashmir chillies back in March and had amazing success.   Pity it's been too cold to plant them out but they'll be migrating to the greenhouse any day now.  I need my windowsills for other seeds.


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  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 1,084

    If you type in Calendrier Lunaire de Jardinage ou Potager on the Net, it is very easy to follow as mainly pictorial.

    I really am finding that it works! My Mange Touts and Peas have sprouted on the day predicted!!! and my Brussel Sprouts are twice as big at the same age as those planted last year. I can't say that the weather has been better, and whilst I have rotated crops - the soil is the same.

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