Will Acidanthera Ever Bloom?

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I grew a dozen bulbs of Acidanthera in pots last year, and they grew well and

healthy, but no flowers at all. The same happened to my gladioli. Is my garden

too dark or what?


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    I cannot speak about gladioli, but acidanthera I find just do not have a long enough season of sun to flower.  They don't flower till late in the year anyway, and unless you are in the far South, I think they are hard to get to flower.  Lat year was hopeless anyway, far too dark and wet for them.. Sorry, but don't know of any trick for them, have given up on them myself.  Gladioli flower here in the midlands, they do need sunshine and not too wet conditions, and a bit of space - in an overcrowded bed of mine they leafed but did not flower.  Moved to a more open position and they did well. 

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