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Minibell Tomatoes- Anyone grown them?

imageAfternoon All,

I am growing Tomato Minibell this year- First time I have tried this type! Anyone had any experience with this type?

I have grown them early indoors and I must admit I have been a little suprised. All of the 5 seeds I planted have germinated and are flourishing. They have reached about eighteen inches high and have about 25ish tomatoes on each that are already nearly ripe!

As they are determinate and produce their fruit all at once, I have taken some sucker cuttings yesterday- I presume that they should have enough time for me to get a second crop of tomatoes off these new plants by late august???

Anyone have any experience with this particular type- any suggestions welcome as  this is the first time growing this variety.

Thanks in advanceimage


  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    Cuttings with growing tips are always a good idea. They're a great head start, taking a month to six weeks off the usual time to maturity.

  • Crazy CatCrazy Cat Posts: 41

    Hi Italophile,

    Thanks for the reply!! I hope that having taken cuttings I should have enough time to have a second crop of minibel tomatoes ripened by the end of summer (weather dependant!)

    I am suprised by how few people seem to have grown this varietyimage Hardly anyone I speak to have heard of them. All rather strange!

    They require no staking, take very little room and are pretty disease resistant (I have no problems at all with them so far). They have produced a lot of tomatoes that are ripening well and the actual size is very good for a cherry- about 1 and half inches or so.

    As an heirloom variety I would have thought more people would have tried it! Especially as it takes so little room it is an ideal size for container/patio growing or even as a companion plant at the ends of the salad beds. I presume city/balcony growers would love this type as well...

    Come on all you fellow gardeners- I can't have been the only one to grow them....Anyone?? image


  • SingySingy Posts: 206

    I didnt know you could grow toms from cuttings, will defintely have a look at that in the future.

  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    Singy, you just have to make sure you get a growing tip on the cutting.  Like most other cuttings, put it in some damp mix in a small pot, keep it warm but not in direct sunlight of any strength. Some people put them into a jar of water and wait for roots to develop. I do it every year for an autumn crop to save both time and starting more seeds.

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