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Spring Bulbs in Pots/Tubs

Hi we have about 25 pots /tubs of spring bulbs that have now finished flowering ...I dont want to lift them and dry them off ... Can I leave them in the pots and what do I need to feed them on  if anything now.  


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,384

    Hi Dave, any general purpose fertiliser will be fine.  A liquid feed like tomato food would be best as they will only take feed while the leaves are green, and that won't be for much longer.  Once the leaves die back, that's it for this year and you can stop feeding and watering them. 

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  • Thanks for the info .... Will it be OK to leave them in the pts/tubs.... Once the leaves have gone brown do I leave them or cut it off at compost level .

  • The leaves should come out quite easily when they're brown/yellow.

    I leave my spring daffs etc in the pots and stack them somewhere out of sight if I can. What spring bulbs are you talking about? Tulips in general won't do well a 2nd year in pots they say and they're better planted deep into the ground or discarded.

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