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Talkback: Japanese anemones

I live in South West France and this year we have had a wonderful display of japanese anemones, although now finished, we do seem to be about a month ahead of england with most things, i find they flower in almost any part of the garden, full sun, slight shade and under trees, can thoroughly recommend them to anyone large garden or small.


  • These plants may be Adams favourites, but when we moved 2 years ago they had completely taken over the main bed in our new garden. We dug over and removed all the plants from the area thinking they had been eradicated. Following this i planted up the border with many perennials, but the anemone keeps on fighting its way through and over powering all my other plants. I constantly pull it out so its getting better and have also tried weed killer but i fear my boarder will always be competing with this pesty plant! Anyone have any ideas of how i can get rid of it??
  • I have been given alot of mixed Anemones
    Corm. Please can you tell me where and when to sow them.
  • I purchased 4 japanese anemones from Gardeners World offers towards the end of last year.I am pleased to say, after the many frosts in central scotland this winter, I saw the first small green shoots appear this week. After reading your comments I look forward to them blooming summer into autumn
  • if you don't know what kinds they are, you might try planting them in mixed groups, a few in the srping, a few in the summer, and a few in the fall. see what works the best. i have a question for you. where did ou get the corms?
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  • Very impressed with the knowledge you are posting here. Thanks for sharing and let us know more about new releases.
  • The beauty of Japanese anemones is that there seems to be one for every situation. I have short double flowered varieties which are pretty towards the front of the border and elegant tall varieties towards the back. I grow several varieties close together, which slightly staggers the flowering period, and they are must have for my garden for late summer colour.
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