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Ground cover plants for a garden I'm never in

We are trying to sell our old house or possibly rent it, if we can't sell it, and the borders are nearly empty, making it very difficult to keep the weeds down.

I would like to fill the borders with ground covering plants which require little maintenance.  The front garden is in sun most of the day, and there's a shady border at the back, so I need advice on both.  I would also prefer it to be low cost.

The soil is quite neutral - any ideas on what to plant?


  • Mish2Mish2 Posts: 6

    Hi Lindsay, I have a long patch of "weeds" as an excuse for grass. As age and its creaking joints creeps ever closer, I'm considering geranium cranes bill, hardy perennial cape daisies,  cistus and lavatera barnsley.  A wild flower border might be an idea. If you have solved your problem with other plants please share them with me.  Good luck

  •  Hi Lindsay, Something like Cotoneaster maybe? Mine has white flowers in the summer followed by berries later in the year. It's evergreen and spreads quickly ,so smothers any weeds .

  • LiznessLizness Posts: 79

    groundcover- vinca, euonymus, pachysandra, ajuga (bugle) maybe?

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