Cordoned Blenheim apple trees

Hi guys,

About two months ago I planted five apple trees in our small garden in Brighton.  They're against a South facing wall so get plenty of sun.

Four of the five are growing nicely but one of them has no growth whatsoever and where the branches meet the main stem it's not looking so good - please see attached image.


Does anyone know what the problem is and if there is anythig I can do to bring the tree back to health?

Thanks, Mark


  • DiggerSeanDiggerSean Posts: 52



    Hi Mark,

    I can't see the image too well but it does appear to be canker, probably introduced after a severe wooly aphid attack.

    I would get in touch with the nursery where you bought the tree from, they will hopefully replace the tree or offer a refund. I would also be inclined to move the infected apple away from you other trees.

  • Thanks Sean. I have now removed the infected tree - will move one of the others into its place tomorrow.

    Thanks for your help,


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