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Getting more wildlife into garden

Hello all,

I am trying to attract more wildlife into my garden, and have lots of birds, bees etc, plus visiting squirrels and a couple of frogs in my pond - however there is a distinct absence of hedgehogs even though I know there are some in neighbouring gardens.

The main reason for this is probably that my garden is bordered on all sides by a wooden fence with concrete base panels - so unless an animal can fly or climb it can't get into the garden! (although the frogs got in somehow!)

I have read that a 10cm hole in a fence is all that is needed for hedgehodgs to get access - however I assume this has to be at ground level, which would mean trying to punch through concrete!

On the assumption that the fence won't be replaced, an alternative may be to try and fashion a small tunnel underneath one of the concrete base panels - assuming I could do this would it be used by hedgehogs?

I am sure that other forum users must have faced a silimar problem - and I would be very grateful for any advice on what solutions you came up with...

Thanks, in advance,




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