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Hello I'm a Lily Beetle, come and get me!



  • Ed 2Ed 2 Posts: 3

    If you have a clean border and intend planting lilies, give the area around the new plants an occasional dosing of water with Jeyes Fluid added.  I use a two gallon watering can and about 100mL of fluid.  This seems adequate to keep the invaders at bay, probably in some nearby garden. Repeat the dosing monthly and the problem doesnt come to your plants.



  • This is the first year I have used a spray before they appeared on the plants and to my surprise I have not seen a single Beatle all year and the Lilly's are about to flower in the next few weeks.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    They have been about here, but not as many as in previous years - thank goodness. It does get hard with the lilies that are in the ground, among very crowded borders - I often don't spot those beetles till the leaves are so disgusting as to be considered a write off!  I admit that I do leave one or two badly infested ones as a sacrifice and hope they wil leave the others alone.  The potted ones are easier, though not easy as the leaves grow, to keep clear. 

  •  I wasn't aware they also went for Fritillaries until Jo mentioned it. Then I found another 6!

    My Lillies have now opened and since that first batch of beetles there's fortunately been no more.

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