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Hello I'm a Lily Beetle, come and get me!

I don't grow a lot of lillies, but Lily Beetles must count as the worst design for a pest. They're the brightest of red, and what are they a pest of? Plants with green leaves! Though in true QR fashion I can't bring myself to kill them, so as with slugs and snails I plop them in the council green bin so they can have a good feast before they're carted off to the council composter. 



  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    You'll not catch them all & you'll have poor lilies next year. Kill the little devils.

    Good design, as soon as you disturb a leaf they drop onto compost, red side down so you can't see them & in my experience they are always in twos, if you catch one you've missed the other.

  • Fingernails slice them nicely in two...image

  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    I use a plant label and jar to scoop them into, then apply pressure until suitably squashed. image

  • I found two today that looked like they were in the throes of passion.  Lets hope they were, at least they'll have gone out smiling.  Squished.  They were the only two I could find though.

  • Adam PascoAdam Pasco Posts: 90

    There were none first thing this morning, but the heat of the sun appears to have brought them out – well that the the tell-tale sign of chewed leaf edges! I pick them off and crush them. I once made the mistake of placing one on the paving awaiting my boot, but it flew off!

    If adults are present then they may have had a chance to lay eggs, so check the underside of leaves for any, and wipe away.

  • Verdun you're right! All this squishing and slicing image.

    I've had a few this last couple of days. All in pairs and they all went in the garden bin. 

  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,249

    To go and infest someone else's Lilies! Sorry but if they were a native pest then maybe I would leave them alone and suffer, but since they are an alien invader (like Japanese Knotweed and Policeman's Helmet (Balsam)) they have to be dealt with appropriately.

  • Adam PascoAdam Pasco Posts: 90

    I don't think teh lid of my bin would keep them in.

    Pop them in ... turn your back ... and they'll crawl out!

    No, this isn't a native pest so does not have any natural predators. Even the last very cold winter hasn't reduced numbers.

  • granmagranma Posts: 1,929

    How do you know that they have  not crawled up to the lid or the edge of the top , and as you lift the lid they are not flying off to your garden to take their  revenge  with vengence ???????.

    I recycle mine! they are fed to  a  Carniverous Plant on my windowsil . They eat and kill my lilies , so my Carniverous plants eat and kill THEM for me !


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