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Hi, Just finished our decking area. Have a fair size ceramic pot that neds something in it. Please could I have some good suggestions on what  to put in it to finish off. Thinks it really needs to be eye catching. Any ideas please? Thank you!



  • Hi Sarahlou how much sun does it get? How patient are you? Do you want instant gratification (which will likely cost you a bob or two), or can you wait a bit (much cheaper as long as you're prepared to wait)? 


  • Sarahlou67Sarahlou67 Posts: 24

    Hi,thank u for response. Has full sun. Would like instant affectiveness really? Thank you!

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    If it's reasonably sunny a phormium always has impact and you can get a decent sized one for around £10/15 which will give instant effect. The dark ones are particularly striking. Depends on the kind of look you want though Sarahlou. Is it 'flowery' or 'green' you're looking for- if you know what I mean! Sweet peas are readily available in GCs etc if you just want something for the summer. Or try cramming it with just one variety - plenty to choose from- osteospermum/petunia/pelargonium/buzy lizzie to name a few. That makes a great show. 

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    If you don't have children as it's toxic, I'd look at Brugmansia..Angel trumpet, grows huge in a seaon & perfumed. But needs frost free conditions in the winter.

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    Do you want something just for this year?or are you looking for something more permanent ?remembeing the as the pot is a fair size and ceramic any long lived plant will need to be frost hardy,as you probably wont be able to move it.

    Also consider how much space you will have around the pot once it is planted,anything spikey for instance may be a problem.

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    On Gardeners World on Friday Monty Don planted up a large pot with cannas, dahlias and petunias here is the clip image


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  • Sarahlou67Sarahlou67 Posts: 24

    Thank you for response! Idealy looking for something permanent. KEF I had looked into the angel trumpet which sounds good..

  • Hostas look great in pots and easier to manage the slug/snail issue. 
    Tulips , say 2 colours which you adore... I might try orange and purple. Throw them away when they have finished and reuse the pots for a summer flower. Gazanias., Dahlias, pansies etc.

    Whatever you do stuff them in,image the more the prettier.

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    ...if you're able to bring the pot indoors for the winter, then you might like Phoenix Canariensis, currently selling at Asda for £6 each, and probably other places too... lovely looking plants they are... and at that price, it won't burn your pocket, even if you lost it later on for whatever reason... it would give an instant impact... 

    ...just an idea...

  • KEFKEF Posts: 8,915

    Salino. like the look of that plant..might be trip to ASDA.

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