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Self seeded honeysuckle Flowers!!!

SwedboySwedboy Posts: 386

Finally after god how many years (6-7 I think) this plant which I pulled out of a stonewall at my mother summerhouse in Sweden has started to flower. No idea if it is a named variety but it starts out with purple buds and then as they open they gove rapidly to yellow to complete white. They also produce the most fantastic scent. Despite me only having about ten flowers you can smell it in the evening breeze. Hopefully they will flower from this year onwards!


  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    Lovely, a reminder of Sweden and your mother, enjoy!image

  • SwedboySwedboy Posts: 386

    I am image

    i'm glad to also tell that she is still alive but the original honeysuckle is gone since many years. No one knows what happened to it. It just gone one year.

  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    Well, it seems it moved to England!image

  • SwedboySwedboy Posts: 386

    Ha hahah

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