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Got a border, have brought some plants, what now!? help

OlivedogOlivedog Posts: 43

I have 4 slightly raised borders (sleepers as we are below next doors garden), each 2.4m long and 1m deep in one long row along the fence.

I have been researching what I like and don't like etc for ages and decided today to bit the bullet and buy some plants to at least start me off and I can keep adding as funds allow.

So I brought -

1 Stipa gigantea

2 Stipa tenuissima

1 Coprosma

4 Palace purple heuchera

2 Hebe, the bushier heart breaker

2 white lupins

1 white and 1 pink Salvia

They are currently soaking but I did place them out to get an idea and I have no idea how to arrange them! image Do I put them all in one bed or spread them out? How is best to arrange them without it looking odd (which it did when I put them out). I would like a border that has interest all year and is not too difficult to manage, what else would go well with what I have brought?

Any tips greatfully recieved. 



  • It sounds like your border backs onto a wall/fence etc.? If so then put the ones that ill grow tall at the back and the smaller ones at the front. They should all have growing instructions which will tell you eventual height, planting depth/width, conditions etc.

    I always dig a whole twice the width of the pot, put some compost in the bottom (home-made or bought), water well - about quarter to half a watering can full (depends on the size of the plant), sprinkle a bit of bonemeal in and put the plant in. Firm it in by hand, add a bit more water, make a cup of tea and read a gardening mag

  • OlivedogOlivedog Posts: 43

    It runs along a fence. I had put the stipa gigantea and the coprosma at the back, then grouped the Hebe and the Heuchera one side and the lupins and salvia the other, wasn't sure if I should intergrate them more? Or put the heuchera and the salvia along the front as its the shortest and then the lupins and hebes in the middle, it just looks odd!

  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    Loving the choices you made. Good luck

  • OlivedogOlivedog Posts: 43

    Thanks very much Charlie November, very helpfulimage I did wonder if I needed more of the Salvia but in all honestly I brought those and the lupin because they were 4 for £10 lol, I love the dianthus, thanks for that suggestion. I had planned to put some alliums in too as I love those as well. I dug over one bed today and added a combination of compost I made and a bag of compost to improve it abit, I will leave them to soak then I will have another play aorund with the spacing etc.


  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619

    One of the best lessons I've learned about gardening is that it's not like decoating a room. You try things, if they work, great. If not, they can be shuffled about. Sensible advice to plant taller stuff at the back, but the mostimportant thing is to plant your space up with things you like, then see how it goes. Gardening is dynamic.

  • and evolutionary. Yes unlike decorating if you don't the the pattern it doesn't cost a lot to move them round. Which is why I spend a lot of time gardening and not a lot of time decorating image

  • OlivedogOlivedog Posts: 43

    Thanks for all the replys image Just thought I would update after I have planted. I put the coprosma in a separate bed to give it room and will look for friends for it soon!

    I put 2 heucheras backed by a lupin in one side of a bed and the other side I put the big stipa and I will get some lavander to circle the stipa I think.

    The other bed is the other 2 heucheras and the lupin one one side and on the other is the 2 hebes with the salvia, with the grasses in between the lot. I will see how they come on and how they look together.

    How long do they all start to spread out? Looks so bare atm!


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,145

    It always looks bare to start with OD

    Every year about April I look at my garden and think I need lots more plants. By May I'm wondering where I'm going to put all the plants I've grown/bought. image

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    Ditto that nut!

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