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Clearing and Turfing

Hi, i have a garden with a large patch of neglected grass/weeds/brambles etc. that i want to turf.

I have dug out most of the thick stuff (brambles, trees, roots and the big weeds) and it's now in a position where the only remaining stuff is the grass- not the decent lawn type grass, just that long weedy kind of stuff, dandelions and other weed type plant (they kind of look like dock leaves but aren't).


Anyway, i'm wondering how much of this stuff needs to be taken out before levelling and rotavating takes place and top soil, fertiliser and turf goes down. I'm hoping that there's a way to do this without physically weeding out every peice of green until i'm left with just soil, as that will take weeks.

What are my options for clearing this stuff? Would a weedkiller be of any use?


I was thinking of hiring a brush cutter, then using some kind of heavy weed killer, then possibly using a weed burner before levelling and turning over with a rotavator.


If i did this, then would the stuff just grow back through the turf once turfed? Is there a better way?








  • don logandon logan Posts: 6

    And just to add, the area that i want to turf is not very level so i'm not sure how effective a turf remover would be.

  • don logandon logan Posts: 6

    Wow, 30 views and no answer! Thanks for all the help guys!

  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,593

    I would spray with glyphosate first and let that do its thing before digging over or rotovating. Otherwise it all just grow through the new lawn. You need to remove all trace of weeds like bramble and dock or they will regrow.

  • don logandon logan Posts: 6

    Thanks Steephill. I was thinking that i could mow down what's already there and then spray it before digging picking out what's left. Will the glyphosate kill the grassy weeds down to the roots?

    Thanks again.

  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,593

    Yes it will kill all of the weed as it is carried down into the roots. Glyphosate works best on actively growing weeds so I would spray rather than mow. The bigger the active surface area it has to work on the more effective it will be. Current weather is ideal so go for it!

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