Planting out sweetcorn

Bf206Bf206 Posts: 235

I've put my sweetcorn seedlings into a raised bed earlier in the week - they're between about 5 and 8" tall. I thought my timing was pretty good given the decent weather but I'm wondering whether night-time temps are still a bit low? Two of the seedlings look like they've had it, another couple have got yellowing/brown around the edges of some leaves.

Any thoughts? I'm wondering whether I should fleece them at night?

I assume it's the cold anyway. Can't really think what else it could be - doesn't look like slugs have got them, for instance.


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,115

    Do you have a ready supply of plastic drinks bottles?  You can make mini-cloches.

    Remember at this time of year you will only get frosts on windless nights so you can cover them very gently with single sheets of newspaper, which you remove in the morning.

  • granmagranma Posts: 1,598

    The drinks bottle idea is great this is how I use them ,If you cut off the bottom and push it down in the soil and the top on or off  , if I leave the top off I usualy push a cane down too - just to support it.

    My soil is fairly sandy , so the cane insures that it stays in place . - You shouldnt have to cover them for very long now we are into June.

  • Bf206Bf206 Posts: 235

    hmm, it's generally the bottom most leaves on them which are withering and then just getting sodden from the soil. should I cut those leaves off maybe?

  • Emma1978Emma1978 Posts: 202

    sounds like the seed leaves that are going, nowt to worry about my dear, they don't need them now image

  • Bf206Bf206 Posts: 235

    Hopefully that's what it is on most of them. The one it happened to first though just shrivelled from the bottom up. maybe transplant shock I guess and it was just the weakest plant. 

  • Bf206Bf206 Posts: 235

    argh. ok, i've lost several plants already - but had noticed the stems were getting snapped. the culprits? squirrels!

    i've pegged some fine netting over the remaining plants although i'm a little concerned that the plants are being squashed by it. better than being dug up...

    anyone had this problem before??

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,115

    If you put in short wooden posts with jam-jars on top you can put out the netting without it touching the sweetcorn plants.

  • Thanks Welshonion. I've been considering how best to protect my sweetcorn plants and your jam-jars on wooden posts tip is just the thing.

  • Ian 4Ian 4 Posts: 26

    I've always started sweetcorn in root trainers, so avoiding any risk of frost, they been hardening off for couple days now , ready for planting out this weekend. Everything is at least 3 weeks later this year.

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