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Planting rose and clematis in a container newbie to gardening I have inherited with our house a wooden barrel planter (only half height) & would like to plant something tall in it to brighten a dark corner between fence and house (only gets hour or two sun). What are my options to get height? i had thought maybe to buy a metal obelisk to put in barrel and to get a climbing rose like Madame Alfred carriere? Could this work? Would it look odd? Could I adds clematis? My husband isn't keen on attaching anything to the fence to climb up. Or a tree? Any suggestions welcome x


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    Hi, there are others on here better qualified to advise you but one thing I do know is that Clematis is a very greedy plant. It'll compete with anything else you put in for nutrients. As I say I'm no expert and I'm sure someone else may come up with a companion plant if you're determined to have one but if you have a big, fat, healthy, showy clematis, you may not need anything else. Many of them flower twice in a season so do a bit of googling and see what you come up with.  

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    Hi Moominrhubarb, climbing roses and clematis are a classic, gorgeous combination.  However, your planter doesn't sound big enough for the 2.  It would be fine if you were planting them in the ground.  Also, they are both sun lovers, so your spot doesn't sound right (even though Mme A Carriere can take a bit of shade and clematis want their roots protected from the sun).   If you have a spot for them in your garden, you can google how to grow roses and clematis together.  I have had Mme Alfred Carriere for about 3 years now, and she is massive (& delightful), trained to grow along a wall.  From her size, i think there wouldn't be adequate room for her roots in a pot (roses can have a huge taproot).  The best would be to consult your local plant nursery.  They should be able to recommend another climbing plant that is more suited to the size of your barrel planter, the height of your obelisk and the shady location.  Good luck with your planting!

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